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Paint Enhancement 

Starting at $350

Paint Enhancement, also known as paint polishing, is the act of leveling paint to remove defects, ​including wash-induced swirls, light scratches, hard water spots, bird-dropping etchings, and scuffs via machine buffing. Through machine polishing, we are also able to drastically improve the gloss of a vehicle’s paintwork


This service includes:

Hand wash the exterior of the vehicle, dry it with compressed air, and blot dry the door, trunk, and hood jams

Clean the wheel faces, wheel barrels, tires, and fender wells

Tires are dressed to a satin finish with a water-based dressing

Use clay bar on paint, glass, and wheels to remove bonded contaminants

Single-step of machine polishing performed on exterior paintwork

Paintwork is then protected with a Premium Ceramic Sealant lasting up to 6-9 months

Exterior plastic trim cleaned and dressed, exterior metal trim polished and sealed

This service will remove 80-90% of the defects.

Estimated Time: 3:00 to 7:00 hrs.



"Please be aware that prices and service times are subject to change based on the condition of the paint and the size of the vehicle." 

  • 2-seater Coupe        $350

  • 4-Door Sedan           $375

  • Small SUV                $399

  • Mid-size SUV            $425

  • Full-size SUV            $450 

  • Minivan                     $450

  • 2-Door Pick-up truck      $375

  • 4-Door Pick-up truck      $450

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