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Clay Bar Treatment

Starting at $300

A Clay Bar Treatment is the process of using a clay bar to remove containments from the surface of your car. Common containments that pollute and slowly destroy your vehicle include things like rail dust, brake dust, and industrial fallout


Also in this process, we can remove

  1. Stains from the trees.

  2. Tree sap. 

This process is followed by 8 Month Ceramic Sealant Applied To Paint to obtain a fine touch, slick and shiny paint result.  

*Price and time are subject to change depending on the conditions and the size of the vehicle.

  • 2-Seater Coupe          $300

  • 4-Door Sedan         $325

  • Small SUV              $350

  • Mid-size SUV         $375

  • Full-size SUV          $385 

  • Minivan                    $400

  • 2-Door Pick-up truck       $325

  • 4-Door Pick-up truck       $400

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