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McLaren   720S
Ed Lopez

Ed Lopez



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About Us.
We are Licensed & Insured.

Since 2014, E&D Auto Detailing & Car wash has provided quality services to clients by providing them with the professional care they deserve. Get in touch today to learn more about our Car Detailing Service.

We are a husband and wife team and parents of 2 kids, who strive to bring you the best-detailing services in all of Marin Country and surrounding areas. After 7+ years in the detailing industry, we have extensive knowledge and experience to care for the interior and exterior of your vehicle. We are a mobile detailing service and travel to your location, whether at home or work, to make it extremely convenient for you. 

Our History

It all started in 2013, my son and I were in the CarWash and we cleaned our X3, by teaching him he realized that we were not only cleaning but I was enjoying what I was doing, Then I started doing it more frequently and without realizing it, 6 months later I was already buying chemicals and polishing machines, I thought about buying a Ford transit and that's how we started our family business.

Work Experience

Detailing is more than just a cleaning process to keep a vehicle looking its best, it's a systematic approach to help extend its life with methods and products that reduce harmful environmental elements like dirt, sun, harsh winters, etc. [2] Properly maintaining or restoring vehicles so they look like they came from a car dealership showroom inside and out increases their resale value.[3] Auto detailing requires knowledge of proper techniques and the use of tools and products.

The Best Auto Detailing
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