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From $125

Mini-Detailing involves a simple cleaning of the interior. which requires the use of a variety of cleaning techniques and products. Vacuuming is standard and upholstery stains are not removed with this service. exterior is hand washed and spray waxed

This service includes:
  • Hand-wash & pressure clean the exterior.           

  • Tires and wheels cleaned Dress tires.

  •  Apply a spray wax for extra shine and protection (lasts 1-2 months) 

  • Standard Vacuum vehicle interior.

  • Clean windows inside and out.

  • Clean all door jambs and trunk.

  • Wipe down the dashboard and center console.

Estimated Time: 2:30hr

Note: Price and time are subject to change depending on how dirty the vehicle is, and what size it Is.

( Please note that this service does not include the removal of stains on seats and carpet, it also does not include the removal of paint swirls or scratches)

NOTES *Bio-hazard cleaning (e.g., bodily fluids, mold) incurs an additional $150+ charge. Please mention this when booking to ensure proper accommodation.

  • 2-seater Coupe     $125

  • 4-Door Sedan        $150

  • Small SUV             $165 

  • Mid-size SUV        $175

  • Full-size SUV        $200 

  • Minivan                  $250

  • 2-Door Pick-up truck    $175

  • 4-Door Pick-up truck    $250

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